What is the price of your puppies?

 Our prices range from $900-$1600, pricing depends greatly on the line the puppy comes from, and the color/pattern. Our less common colors/patterns are in the higher range. Lower range is the basic colors such as reds & black/tans.  Pups are placed with limited AKC registration.

Do you do any training for the pups?

 We are engaged in a program called 'Puppy Culture'.   Puppy Culture breeders lay the foundation for emotional stability and learning. Then, Puppy Culture owners follow through with training and socialization. 

Where are your puppies kept?

 Our puppies are kept inside our home and raised in our nurseries. We have rooms in our home that are dedicated to our puppies and their mommas. Our puppies are handled daily, and there is always someone there to care for their needs.  

Do you provide a contract and guarantee on health?

 We do have a contract.  We guarantee the puppy’s health for 72 hours after sale. During these 72 hours it is recommended that the puppy be checked by a licensed veterinarian, this visit is required for this health guarantee to be valid.  I do not cover for any internal parasites (Coccidia, Giardia, Worms etc.) once the puppy leaves my home.  

What about genetic deseases? Do you guarantee against those?

 We guarantee the health of the puppy from all life threatening genetic/hereditary diseases until 12 Mons. Of age. If the pup is found to have a life threatening genetic/hereditary disease, I will replace the pup with a pup of equal value.  

How much is your deposit?

 Our deposits are $250.  This can be make through check, or Paypal.  Deposits are non-refundable.


When can my puppy come home?


Our puppies do not leave our care until a minimum of 8 weeks of age. We will arrange a date and time with you for pickup.  In some cases if I feel a puppy needs to stay longer I will hold them until I feel they are ready to leave my care.

When can I see puppy pictures?

We take photos of the pups after their eyes open at approximately 14 days.  Expect individual photos after that time.

I want to pick my puppy, can I come choose one?

We are very careful with our litters.  These little guys are not vaccinated against disease.  We typically take deposits after they are born, and the entire litter is placed based on photos alone.  Contact us with any special requests.

How can I see the pup after I place a deposit?

We will update photos every week, and at 6 weeks we start making videos to send to the new homes.  We are very receptive to any questions you might have regarding your new pup and will answer e-mails quickly.

What if I see another pup I like after placing a deposit?

Your deposit is transferrable to another puppy.  If a pup is available, we will most likely approve a transfer.  We make great effort and spend time documenting your puppies growth and health.  We send photos and detailed information to the new owners.  This is the purpose of the deposit, this takes time and resources.  This is why the deposit is non-refundable.

Why did I not get a response from your "Contact Us" page?

We do our best to answer questions immediately.  We will communicate through social media if you like, but we require all potential buyers to go through the web site "Contact Us" page.  This way we can track your full names,  what you are interested in, and your contact information all in one place.


Can I make one deposit on multiple puppies

Most of our pups are placed in 4-5 weeks based on photos alone.  We cannot hold multiple pups for one customer with one deposit.  We are very busy with this, it is not our full time job, but a hobby.    We have made the deposit process easy and ask our customers to respect our guidelines.

Will you hold a pup without a deposit?

To offer everyone a fair opportunity, we do not maintain waiting lists.  We take deposits and place pups when the deposit is made.  We will not hold a pup without a minimum deposit.

What does it mean when there are "to xxxxx" names beside a puppy description?

These are the first names of the new homes where the pups will be placed.  If you see a monetary amount listed, this puppy is available.  If no amount is visible, the pup is not available for adpotion.

Will you ship puppies?

We have done this in the past. United Airlines offers a 'Petsafe' travel program where the pups can fly unaccompanied in a climate controlled space on the airplane.  They do not list a dachshund as an animal that will be safe to fly aboard United Airlines.  Contact your airline, or use an agent.